Mumble, Mumble Tiger

Dear Mum,
Very long day today so I’m doing this post in the style of Rowley Birkin QC!
Mumble mumble Zoo, mumble mumble early start, mumble reticulated python, waaah!
Anyway the mumble kangaroo sunbathing, mumble and met Deanne for lunch mumble Elephants, eating hay, mumble and you’d never have guessed, they were all grooming each other quite intently.
I DON’T WANT A NAP! Mumble mumble two hours later he woke up feeling quite refreshed.
Mumble vegetable chilli and rice, mumble ice cream for the boy, mumble Ice Age with tea.
Mumble mumble tomorrow not planned, but it turns out that I was really (not in the slightest bit) very drunk.



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One response to “Mumble, Mumble Tiger

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Loved the zoo pics = particularly Josh looking over his specs. First of my two days off…into Dorchester this morning, coffee, books back to the museum then a bit of shopping. Nothing exciting really. Sat in the garden this afternoon and read (no archaeology). I am determined to have two proper days off, particularly as we are working this weekend. The hot weather continues… its weird not having to take a coat or jumper, even in the evening. Dad has gone down to Kimmeridge for an hour – he got sent a new reel today and was desperate to try it out. love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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