Piney Lakes

Dear Mum,
Busy day today! We got up, got ready then went out to the Triassic Fun Park. Joshua climbed and slid and ran and jumped for about an hour and a half. Unusually, he was relatively quiet in the car on the way home.
He perked up again after lunch. Josh had a cheese and Vegemite sandwich and I had cheese toasties.
We set out again after eating and went to Piney Lakes nature reserve, which is where the three of us were at the weekend. We took Josh’s scooter and he scooted all the way around the park, which is pretty big, plus he stopped to have an investigate around the lake and the little bridges, as per the picture.
My guess would be, we did a good couple of miles, if not more. Then when we got back to the start he wanted to have another quick go on the playground (he’d been on it when we arrived).
We got home and I put him to bed. He didn’t want to go but slept for an hour and a half. He woke up when Deanne got home from work. She made us burgers and buns with chips and peas. We ate in the sitting room while he watched Dinosaur Train.
We’re probably going to the Zoo tomorrow, depending on the weather. It’ll be the first time that Deanne has actually been at work while we’ve been there.


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One response to “Piney Lakes

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Excellent photo – you and Josh must be ultra fit!!

    Another blisteringly hot day here again, its 7pm and as hot as it was through the day.

    I have two days off (Tomorrow and Thursday) we are going into Dorchester very early – principally to get some drawing film (plastic-backed tracing paper) which I can only get from a specialist shop. I also want to drop some library books in to the museum.

    Dad has cut the hedge at the back today – how does it generate so much stuff to pick up?????

    Much love mum xxxxxxxxxxxx

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