Bloody Sasquash

Dear Mum,

What I completely forgot to tell you was that, the reason we were going to Julie’s house yesterday was because it  was was Olive’s birthday party!

So there was cake and pie and lots and lots of other food. Deanne made a lemon cake (using our garden grown lemons) and a sponge, which the cook was rather disappointed with, but I thought was lovely! Obviously Big Nana was there, as it was her birthday, then Nana and Poppy Richard, Aunty Janice and Kody.

A good time was had by all and the afternoon passed very quickly. When it reached home time we got ready, but Joshua had elected to stay at Nana’s house for the night. Julie had offered because Will and Jodi wer coming to ours for the evening and she thought it’d be nice if she got to spend one last night with the boy before they go away on Monday.

So our guests arrived with a large platter full of cheese, biscuits, salad and dips, plus a couple of bottles of wine. In the afternoon Deanne had made a caramel slice (A-Mazing!!!) plus we’d bought some biscuits and dips of our own. It was great to see them again and we talked about all kinds of stuff, including work, which Will quit a couple of months back as his job was proving a little too stressful. We also chatted about moving over here, the differences between Australia and the UK, them getting married, Joshua (obviously) and all sort of other things too numerous to cover in one message. They left our’s at about quarter to midnight…and we went straight to bed!

Today we had a late-ish morning, as you might expect after such a long night. We got up, had breakfast, I showered, Deanne had a bath then we watched the first hour of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2, which we recorded last night, had some lunch then went to pick Josh up.

Julie gave us a whole load of food which she didn’t want sitting in her fridge for seven weeks, so we brought that home then went to Piney Lakes Park (what a great name!). Joshy took his scooter and scooted round the park, then played at the playground for half an hour before we came home and had tea, slice and chips and veg’.

After tea we got him ready for bed, hair-wash, toothbrush, pyjamas, etc. then gave him a story and tucked him in. After closing his door and coming back down to the sitting room to get ready to watch the rest of Harry Potter the door opened and Josh came in saying he couldn’t sleep because of thinking about the Sasquash. This is a fictional “foodimal” from Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs 2 (Google it if you have no idea what I’m on about!), which is on the DVD extras. He’s watched them about five times and been fine with it, but then apparently today he had some kind of lightbulb moment and realised he’s scared of the thing.

This meant that we had to read him another story and tuck him in again. However this time after about a minute he came running down the hall screaming blue murder. Apparently he had become so worked up about the seemingly cute and amusing creature that he couldn’t even lay in bed in the dark and had to keep getting up to ask us for assurance. Poor little thing. 😦

Anyway, after rather a lot of quite firm persuading he eventually got to sleep at about eight o’clock, hopefully he won’t be too tired tomorrow as Emma is bringing Penny over in the afternoon to play, and mainly to meet Snuggles!



Scootering at Piney Lakes Park

Scootering at Piney Lakes Park


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