Dear Mum,
After Deanne had left for work today Joshy and I read a couple of his books, then got up and played for a while before cooking some sausage rolls then packing them, along with some other food and drinks. After I showered we grabbed the bag of supplies and drove to Scitech.
It was almost eleven when we arrived so we sat down and ate some lunch, then got on with some scientific investigation and engineering. Joshua was particularly interested in the big interactive water wall today, it’s a huge screen with a cartoon scene, that you can draw lines on to direct the water. You can fill up things like water tanks and solar heating systems, then empty them out again.
He also waited ages for a turn on the pneumatic message sender. Once he got his turn he spent a couple of minutes carefully writing the note, as per the picture below, then jumping up and down on the seat which blows air through a pipe, to move the message canister to the other end where I was waiting.
We got home around three and Josh watched Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs 2 (again!!!). Deanne had sent me a link she had happened upon about setting up your own IT support business. And it got my brain chuntering, so I decided I’d have a go. I’ve already set up a website and am going to order some business cards as soon as I get a chance. I’ll post the site up here when I’ve got it all ready for action. I figure I have skills which people need and I have nothing to lose, so I may as well have a go!
Tomorrow is, as yet, unplanned. Although Joshua has mentioned the Zoo. But I’ll wait to see what the weather is like before we decide.
By the way, I’ve dropped a few more photos of today in the Dropbox, so get the Old Guy to download them for you.


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One response to “Sci-Trekkers

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Josh really looks as though he has inherited the ‘science’ gene. It’s wonderful how he is really interested in such a huge range of stuff.

    Another busy day for me – 30 visitors up on the site – talked myself silly!!

    Best of luck with your IT (ad)venture – nothing ventured, nothing gained!!

    We have planted three different tomatoes and at last they are producing fruit – not big enough or ripe enough to eat yet but will be very soon!!!

    Off to mark some Roman pot… oh by the way, I have a spare magazine with the article about the villa – would you like me to send it on?

    love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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