UK Style

Dear Mum,

I didn’t do a great deal today, same old, same old! But Deanne’s work had some IT problems and so she got to come home early this afternoon. Which meant the two of us were able to go on a little jaunt to look at some craft shops. Deanne is looking for something specific, but I can’t reveal more at the moment.
Apparently Joshua also had a very busy day with Nana, they went to the shops and then to the cinema to see Rio 2 (animated birds!), a film set in the Amazon, home of Uncle Richard, Aunty Ana and Cousin Jasmine. He stayed at Julie’s for his tea and bath then they brought him home, as she is going to Port Hedland to drive Donna back to Broome tomorrow. Which should be an interesting drive for Julie as Donna’s car is a manual and she hasn’t driven one of those for a long time.

I have nothing planned for tomorrow yet but I’m sure Joshy and I will figure something out.

The picture is of a place we went to called Victoria Park, where Deanne looked at a craft shop but I stayed in the car as we didn’t have any change for parking. I thought it was of interest because the way the street was built reminded us so much of UK streets, you may or may not agree.



Victoria Park

Victoria Park

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One response to “UK Style

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Yes, the row of shops could be anywhere in 1970s or 80s England.

    Hope that Deanne got what she was seeking…

    Now here is an interesting thing – I download your blogs from my Tiscali account as I cannot do it satisfactorily from the Hotmail acc’, which adds on loads of rubbish and will not copy the picture…No doubt I am not doing something simple…

    We went out last night to a ‘supper party’ at Worth Matravers, with some of my excavators but principally to chat to the founder of the very popular magazine ‘Current Archaeology’. He was up at Druce yesterday viewing the site. So another late night for dad and I – not in bed until after 11, that’s twice this week!!

    I have a large party of visitors to guide around Druce this afternoon, the weather is fine (and hot) so we should be OK

    Will mail again this evening

    love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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