He’s Out

Dear Mum,
To say we didn’t have much planned today if turned out quite busy.
After getting ready this morning we went to the library, to drop off Deanne and Josh’s books, and so Joshua could get some more. He picked two dinosaur books and one about ancient amphibians!
We went to the shops on the way back to get some presents for the twins’ birthdays on Wednesday. Bob met us there and then came home with us, where we had drinks and some biscuits. Dee had made them beforehand and frozen the mixture so just took the block of dough out, cut it into slices and baked it. Lovely.
Toasted cheese sarnies for lunch then we went to the local shops, Dee and I walked and Josh took his bike as it’s not that local. When we got home we let Snugs go out into the back garden. He was a little nervous and we bought him back in pretty quickly, but I think it won’t take him too long to get the hang of it. He did have another quick sojourn after tea but seems a little agoraphobic and came back pretty quickly.
Tea was risotto and garlic bread. This evening I’m going to read my amazing proof copy of The Long Mars.
Don’t know what we’re doing tomorrow yet. Might Skype you if we’re home in the afternoon.


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One response to “He’s Out

  • Mum

    HI Dan Do you think Snugs thinks that you might go away again if he stays out???? Good day at Druce, preparing for the onslaught tomorrow (our Open Day). The site looks good and the forecast is fine. We will be going out at 8.45 so will probably not be about for Skype – could try earlier – I expect we will be up before 7am. We had lemon chicken for tea -it was fabulous. I am just about to pop down to Sainsbury’s and then when I get back I will tackle the ironing… Will speak soon love mum xxxx

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