1,100 Papers

Dear Mum,
Joshua was raring to go this morning when I dropped him off at daycare. He almost ran off to join the other kids before I’d got a kiss and a cuddle! Which is good because even up to a couple of weeks ago he was still a bit clingy.
I got home and got on with my downloading. I have now been through over 1,100 lines of the spreadsheet and so have less than 400 to go. Another day of two and I should finish this first bit of the work for big bro’.
Skyped you before collecting Joshy, he mentioned a new friend called Aiden, so I assume that might have something to do with his earlier keen demeanour. Then we waited for a visit from Julie, who arrived with some home made pasties, half a vegetable pie (which I heated up with some veg’ and gravy for tea), half a lemon meringue pie and half an apple cake. Apparently she had been in a baking mood!
Thankfully it’s the weekend now. We’re going out tomorrow to get some presents and cards for the twins’ birthday on Wednesday, then drop some books back at the library.
In case you’ve been wondering about how The Snugs has been settling, in I took this picture to show you that he appears pretty happy. I don’t think it’ll be too much longer now before we let him adventure out into the big wild Aussie world.


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One response to “1,100 Papers

  • Mum

    Hi Dan It was excellent chatting this morning before I went to Druce…set me up for a rather intensive day. Snugs looks very, very relaxed – hope that he enjoys his first forays outside soon. We had to go and buy new phones tonight – we were receiving incoming calls but couldn’t ring out. Dad is presently setting them up – no swearing and cursing yet which is probably a bit ominous!! we cannot however use them for 24 hours until the batteries have charged (peace!!!) I am just popping out to hang out my washing – no rain forecast so it might even be dry by the morning. Its a working weekend with Open Day at the villa on Sunday – have even roped dad in to help!! love mum xxxxxxxxxx

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