Wrong Or Write

Dear Mum,
I’ve been out at my writers group so a short one tonight.
I spent a good part of the day working on Rich’s project, only slightly interrupted by a phone call from an agent, which I’ll tell you about soon!
Deanne picked Joshy up from Nana’s house and they arrived home at about five.
I made a curry for tea, but I did most of the preparation this morning, ’cause the bottle of sauce wasn’t as nice as we expected last time we had it. I roasted some veg, potatoes, pumpkin, that kind of thing, then poured the sauce over them and let them soak until I put them and the rice on to cook for dinner.
Tonight was my writers group which was, once again, very entertaining. We were talking about endings this month, but it’s amazing what kind of tangents a room full of writers can go off on when sat in a room together for a couple of hours. I also have another exciting thing to reveal as a consequence of that, but will save the couple of bits of news I have until I know if they are good or bad.
I took a picture of the cakes in the café to show to Deanne when I got home so that is what you’re getting for your visual feast. I didn’t have one, by the way!



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One response to “Wrong Or Write

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Loved the cakes -probably the best way to deal with them – look only….. I did a talk in Swanage this morning (The Worth archaeology project). It went down very well and generated many questions. Dad and I had lunch at Lucy’s, he had corned beef pie and I had ham, egg and chips – probably not the healthiest but it was delicious!! We were so full that we have not bothered with proper tea but have just had yogurt and fresh fruit. We popped into Dorchester this afternoon as I had a letter for one of my specialists. Picked some nice salad stuff up from M&S. It has rained today – the garden looks all the better for it. Hope that its only showers tomorrow as its back to the Roman Villa… love mum xxxxxxxxxx

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