Running Dan

Dear Mum,

Nothing to report today really. Josh is staying at Julie’s again tonight so Deanne and I are doing various bits and pieces of things.

I spent more time downloading scientific papers today and also managed to fit in a load of washing and a run round the lake, which took me almost exactly 40 minutes this time, so a bit slower than the last one but I was trying a few different speeds and running/walking distances just for fun. I actually felt quite comfortable running at a fast speed so might try that next time and see how far I get before I conk out!

No picture tonight as I forgot to take any today, although I did get a shot of Snugs sitting in the sunlight inside our bedroom, but the contrast was really awful, so I stuck it on Facebook where it doesn’t really matter!

Joshy/Nana day tomorrow too so I’ll be getting on with more downloading and job hunting.



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One response to “Running Dan

  • Mum

    HI Dan Today was my day off – but I would have probably been better going into Druce!! We set off for Ferndown at 8.45 and first of all got caught in the school traffic. Then when we got to Corfe Mullen the traffic came to a standstill – a huge accident at the ridiculous roundabout just outside Ferndown with a road closure as a result. There were tailbacks and one hour delays with all major roads in and out of Poole/Bournemouth being affected. We detoured to the nearest garden centre at Merley (we don’t go often and I must remember that!!) A coffee and snack seemed a good idea – the coffee was OK but the scone (allegedly cheese and something small and green) was amazingly horrible. It was so heavy I nearly dropped it and absolutely tasteless the cook should have been shot!! I should have complained but I didn’t – well I am British – stiff upper lip and all that!! We diverted to B & Q and dad bought some sturdy plastic shelves for behind the greenhouse – could at least have got a decent scone there! Then off into Wareham to do some grocery shopping – of course our little Sainsburys didn’t have half the things that were on my list…. I managed an hour in the sun this afternoon and read a couple of chapters of my current book, which was nice… I also did some Roman pot washing – it was so hot that it dried instantly. Dad has gone fishing to Kimmeridge – he is complaining that he is getting too hot in his waders and is even wearing shorts at home!!! Do hope that the job applications start bearing fruit love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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