It Still Needs A Bit More Petrol!!!‏

Dear Mum,

Back to normal today. I dropped Josh off at school, he ran about with Liam because they were both a bit early. When the buzzer went off we headed inside and Joshua played with some building things, which made a farmyard and sheds. Some of the girls came and sat around him. I’m not sure if it’s good or bad but he seems very popular with the (little) ladies. This morning Ella asked if she could sit next to him, then when the twins arrived Summer came up to tell us that it was her birthday in nine days time, which was nice.

I came home and started downloading the papers for Rich’s project again, I also called a couple of people about a couple of jobs.

I got back to school a little before three and met one of the other school council members, she runs the uniform shop and I said I’d take a look at the spreadsheet with the sales data on to see if I could come up with some yearly trends. Haven’t fired up the pen drive yet but it should be an interesting task. Joshua also got an invite to the twins party next Wednesday, which made the episode in the morning make more sense.

When we got home I offered a trip to the park, Joshy decided he wanted to walk, rather than ride his bike, to the “medium” playground, which is about two kilometres away! He did actually walk all the way there and back, although there was a bit of moaning about tired legs as we were nearing home. However he did make me stop at the exercise machines on the way back so he could get on the stepper thing. While he was on it and pushing the pedals and handles up and down it made a squeaking noise, Joshua listened to it then said “It still needs a bit more petrol!!!‏” I assume what he meant was oil but he said it so sincerely that it made me laugh. That’s what the picture is of anyway.

Deanne was home and making dinner by the time we got back. Lasagne, very tasty. After putting Joshy to bed Deanne has been trying to check the iiNet bills, as they seem to have made some sort of mistake for our charges, but we’re not sure exactly where the problem is, and if it’s in our favour or not. I Skyped Rich and wished him a happy birthday, we had a bit of a chat about nothing much and now it’s bedtime so I better get myself sorted and have a sleep.

I might run in the morning as Julie is dropping the boy off at kindy, apart from that back to the grind.



It still needs a bit more petrol!!!

It still needs a bit more petrol!!!

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One response to “It Still Needs A Bit More Petrol!!!‏

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    You’ve had more success with Rich than we have – tried several times on Skype to wish him a happy birthday…

    Tell Deanne that we miss her lasagnes!!!! we had fish and chips tonight followed by yonanas ice cream.

    Another incredibly hot day, the temperature must have reached 30 on the site and it got to 35 in the conservatory. Dad is actually in shorts!!!

    I have two days off (Wed and Thurs) as we are then working through until next Friday. I’m looking forward to the little break :-0 I’m currently dreaming about archaeology which is never a good sign! There are no holidays on the horizon until December although I am going to have a week off when Rich, Ana and Jasmine visit in September.

    Lots of love mum xxx

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