Not Happy

Dear Mum,
A short one tonight, I’ll explain why.
Yesterday morning there was an internet outage that affected Optus, Vodafone and iiNet (they’re our internet provider).
My mobile phone and the internet were both out of action for the whole day. Got up this morning and my mobile worked again, but the internet was still down.
It’s now 8pm and I’ve spoken to iiNet twice, they are saying it’s most likely a problem with something at our end and want to charge us to send out a techie to look at it.
I told them that we didn’t cause the issue and aren’t paying for it, however they can’t send someone out until Monday afternoon. Which means no internet until (at least) then! So no Skype this weekend, no blogging (I’m making an exception tonight), no email, no web and none of Richard’s work.
Not happy!


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