Rain, Again

Dear Mum,

Nothing particularly exciting happening today. Dee dropped Joshy off at kindy so I started downloading stuff for Rich’s work first thing. Briefly stopping to get the rain in when Deanne called to let me know there was a severe weather warning in place for some serious precipitation.

The day went past pretty quickly, it’s amazing how time flies when you have a specific task to work on. I stopped for lunch at about midday and watched the first half of a Top Gear, then went back to work.

At two pm I finally decided to get dressed, yes I know, it was the height of laziness but I was in my pyjamas and dressing-gown until then, I figured I didn’t have anything in particular to dress for, so why dress. Thankfully it was chucking it down so no one came to the door while I was working.

I headed out at half past two to pick up Joshua from school, it was still raining and so when I had parked the car I took the picture to show you what winter looks like in Perth. I took the boy’s raincoat and an umbrella, although it was a bit like a chocolate fireguard under the circumstances. However Josh didn’t get too wet on the way back from his classroom to the car, so it was worth it I guess.

I had a chat with Penny’s Mum, Emma while I was waiting for Joshy to come out and she said they were going to have mash with gravy for tea, I thought that was a spectacularly good idea considering the cold, wet weather, so I made potato and sweet potato mash, slice and veg. It was just the right thing for the weather.

Deanne is making some kind of iced brownies at the moment, she’s still in a baking mood, which is nice. I’m watching Attenborough’s Life in Cold Blood at the moment, then tomorrow is Joshy/Nana day and Joshua has decided he’d like to stay over at Nana’s house again, so it’ll be another quiet night for Deanne, Snuggles and I.




Rain, Again

Rain, Again


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One response to “Rain, Again

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Its chaos here – the phone is constantly ringing and people keep coming to the door….My computer tasks of downloading pics/ Druce diary and emails are taking forever. Plus I have to check a talk I am doing tomorrow.. I’m sure that you will explain about the Pratchett book,,,,, Weather here is very hot – no rain so dad is having to water the garden. lots of love mum xxx

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