Sausage Rolls

Dear Mum,

A busy day today!

We got up relatively early, had breakfast, showered (I shaved, Paul :-p), got dressed and headed out to look at a couple of beds at the place we went the other week. Then we went to a shop called Spotlight, which sells crafting stuff and bought some pipe-cleaners and beads for Joshy to do some threading, and some scissors for him so he can cut things out, finally some wool so we can make some necklaces or whatever with the beads.

After that we went to Coles and grabbed a few essentials, fruit and cheese and things. By the time we got home it was getting towards twelve o’clock, but we decided to just have a snack (we bought some ring doughnuts and iced buns and ate them), then Josh and Deanne got on their bikes and we went to the Lake, they cycled round while I walked/ran near Joshua so as to keep him from getting into trouble. Of course I didn’t do a very good job because as we set off I ran down the drive with him and he fell at the bottom, on the road, grazing the back of both of his hands. He cried quite a lot, but after we gave him a few cuddles and kisses he was okay.

We got as far round the lake as the small playground on the other side, must be about two or three kilometres, and then Joshy played for about half an hour. On the way back he started to get a bit tired as we got near home, but managed to get all the way without too much help. I was quite impressed. I will get a bike at some point, but it’s not top on the priority list at the moment.

We had toasted cheese sarnies for lunch and Josh watched Ice Age 3 -Dawn Of The Dinosaurs (again) as we ate. Julie came round for a bit, but you know that ’cause that is around when we Skyped.

After we talked to you I made some veggie sausage rolls, as there were some ingredients left over from when I last made them, they look pretty good but we haven’t eaten any yet as we had far too much junk food today and couldn’t fit anything else in. They’ll be good for lunches next week and we might have some tomorrow too.

Deanne did a risotto for tea, which was very nice with some garlic bread, then I put Josh to bed. Tomorrow we have nothing particularly planned so we’ll get up and see what happens.



Deanne and Joshua cycling in the park

Deanne and Joshua cycling in the park

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One response to “Sausage Rolls

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    It was really good to talk to you all this morning.

    We decided not to go into Dorchester as it was Carnival Day and the people/traffic would be horrendous so we went to Wimborne – guess what – Wimborne Folk Festival!!! Not too bad to park at Waitrose but Wimborne was heaving with some really peculiar people!! Everything from 18th century dress, flower power to goths.

    This afternoon I read my paper and then did a spot of pot washing – everything dried very quickly in the sun. We had (Waitrose) salmon and salad for tea and strawberries and yogurt for afters – very delicious!!!

    Tomorrow there is an archaeology society outing to Weymouth in the afternoon – at least a fine day is forecast.

    I now have to do a reference for someone who is way more qualified than I am…..well at least I know all the right words..

    love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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