More Jobs

Dear Mum,

Before bed last night I got my usual round of emails from online job boards and some interesting roles came up. So this morning I checked them out properly and a couple of them were actually quite relevant. I therefore spent a good chunk of today writing a cover letter, thankfully only once because the two jobs were very, very similar. Apart from one is temporary and the other is permanent.

After I finished I sent the letter to Deanne to do a quick copy edit, she did so and sent it back then I fired it off to the two agencies that were advertising the jobs.

One of them just sent a standard email back saying “thanks for the application, we’ll be in touch”. But five minutes after I sent it the other one called me, told me who the job was with and asked me if I’d be okay with having my CV passed on to the employer. I said “yes”!

Having said that, the lady I spoke to said she’d be sending me through the full job spec’ and asking for written confirmation I actually want to be put forward for it and she hasn’t actually done that yet, so I’ll call first thing Monday morning and check up on what’s going on.

Deanne had collected Joshy and they arrived home at about five, we decided we couldn’t be bothered to cook, so went to the local chip shop and bought potato scallops and chips for tea, along with some salad stuff we have in the fridge. We enjoyed it quite a lot, and then Josh had ice cream and chocolate sauce for pudding, after which he asked if he could have some of his jelly from yesterday. He was very hungry today, I think he might be growing again!

We’re doing a bit of shopping in the morning. Not sure about the afternoon but Joshua would really like to go to a play centre so we might have to do that.





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One response to “More Jobs

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Your dinners look as scrummy as ever!!! Tonight we had beans on toast followed by Yonanas ice cream of frozen bananas, mango and strawberry. It was just the thing as it has been so hot today. Apparently the hot weather is set for all next week. Its fantastic not having to think about coats or jumpers. We then popped down to Sainsbury’s to do a ‘little shop’ – mostly fruit, veg and cold drinks. Tomorrow, instead of Dorchester (its carnival day and there will be no parking) we are going to Waitrose in Wimborne. We’ll probably call in to a garden centre to look at plants and have a coffee or lunch. Ben got a tick bite and it has developed spots around it so he is going to have to have some antibiotics…there is a plague of ticks – combination of a very mild winter and a huge deer population. It was fabulous talking this morning, really loved saying hello to Snugs lots of love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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