Settling Snuggles

Dear Mum,
Snuggles spent last night laying on our bed, so I think he’s relatively settled. Which has frankly surprised us, we expected it to take much longer. But as you said all our furniture and things are what he’s used to so I guess he feels at home here.
In fact I’m writing this on my phone, sitting on the sofa with a cat on my knee.
Apart from the ginger one everything else is going okay. I applied for a couple of jobs today, both very different but interesting. Joshua did some threading beads onto pipe cleaners when we arrived at kindy this morning, which is good as his fine motor skills need a bit of work. He needs to strengthen his fingers a bit as he’s not got a good enough grip to hold a pencil, etc. properly, however we’ve been working on it, playing with Play-Doh, and such like and it seems to be improving pretty quickly!
I got some Joshy milk on my way back from school. I also went to Cartridge World to try and buy ink for our printer, but it sounds like the Aussie ones might not be compatible with a British model! I might just have to buy one and see if it works.
After talking to you and Dad I made pasta for tea. Deanne got home around five-ish and we ate, then put the young ‘un to bed and are now watching a movie we recorded the other night.
Dee is taking Josh in tomorrow, I need to start cleaning the house for the inspection on Thursday so that’ll be my day.
The picture below was on a board with all the kids faces, at kindy this morning.

Joshy Flower

Joshy Flower


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One response to “Settling Snuggles

  • Mum

    Dearest Dan It was really good to see you, Josh and Snuggles this morning before I went out to work. Joshie looked like a sad little flower on his photo…. Its excellent that Snugs has settled in so well, he really is the most laid back cat ever. Had a good day at Druce – Len found a beautiful bone hair pin and I had the cutest little pot. It was quite hot, but despite that we got masses done. Dad went fishing and wore so many clothes that he was a bit overwhelmed with heat – when he got home, he jumped into the bath and re-dessed in SHORTS!!!!! Whatever next!! love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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