Dear Mum,

As I write I am sitting in bed being scratched by a small ginger cat. Yes, the smallest one has arrived and he’s settled in pretty well!

We got up and ready and went to Fremantle this morning. We walked to the waters edge and looked at the fish swimming around, then went through the restaurant that has fish tanks in to check those out too, after which we headed towards the town centre, found a café in which to have a snack (Deanne had a brownie, I had a fantastic caramel slice and Joshua, somewhat surprisingly, had ice cream). We then walked around the markets and looked at all the interesting things in them.

On the way home we went into a furniture shop, as we are thinking about getting Josh a new bed as his old one is starting to look a bit on the small side.

After a late lunch we went out and visited a few other furniture shops in Success, the best named place in Perth! But after seeing every bed shop at the shopping estate there we went to the airport and collected the Snugs.

Joshua had fish fingers for tea so he could share them with Snuggles. We watched a film Julie lent us tonight called Saving Mr Banks, about the woman who wrote Mary Poppins. It was surprisingly good.

Tomorrow Joshua is at kindy so me and Snugs will be spending some quality time together.



The Snugs

The Snugs

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  • Mum

    Hi Dan Glad Snugs arrived OK – he looks very comfy on your knee – in fact it looks as though he has never been away!!! We enjoyed Waterston Manor – what a fabulous garden – needless to say we bought a plant – but only one, a very unusual foxglove. My visiting group arrived around noon and I gave them a site tour. They were very impressed with our villa and left generous donations towards the publication fund. Dad came up for the day. He had a long walk around the farm and then helped me with some finds recording. He was very impressed by our on-site JCB. I got some yellow-looking stuff out of the freezer this morning, wasn’t sure what it was (I really must label the boxes) – it turned out to be lentil soup and was very nice. much love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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