Dear Mum,

Today was mostly a housework-y sort of day. I washed our sheets, hoovered and did various other things that needed doing. Next Thursday we have an inspection of the house by the owners/estate agents so I’m starting to think about getting it clean and tidy for that.

I actually finished my job application. I got the educational institution wrong yesterday, it’s ECU not UWA, thankfully not the Joondalup campus this time though. I sent it off this evening after Deanne had read through it.

Joshua had a really good day at daycare today, no unwanted hugging took place and he didn’t get into trouble at all. Hopefully all our reiteration has finally got through to him. Touch wood!

We had a late tea because Deanne’s cousin Sharon came round to drop some things off that Deanne ordered. After we’d all had a bit of a chat and she had left we went to the local fish and chip shop and brought chips and potato fritters for tea. Joshua also got an ice cream for being such a good boy today.

Because it was late after we finished tea Joshy didn’t have a bath, just a toothbrush and story then bed, although we did spend a couple of minutes sorting out the pile of 50 cent pieces Olive sent over for him the other day and putting them in his various money boxes.

Not sure what we’re doing this weekend, although Sharon suggested that you can get cheap Quorn and Linda McCartney veggie stuff at Spud Shed so we’ll probably make a trip there at some point. We were also thinking about heading into Fremantle just for a bit of a day out.



Money, Money, Money

Money, Money, Money


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One response to “Housework

  • Mum

    Hello Dan Where do the days (and weeks) go to? – another one bites the dust…. Andrew Morgan and I had an early meeting at Dorchester Museum today to discuss grants for our archaeology projects – it went even better than we could have hoped. Then it was off to Druce for digging. Left the site at 4pm and despite it being Friday, the traffic was thin and was home by 4.30. Tomorrow I get my hair cut and coloured, early lunch and then we are off to Southampton to see Marcel for his birthday. Sunday, dad and I are going to a local stately home for a look around and then I am doing a guided walk around the villa. A busy weekend…. Enjoy yours, love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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