Run Fatboy Run

Dear Mum,
A slow-ish day today. I spent the morning looking for jobs. There are starting to be a few more about, so I might get something soon. Less than a month ’till the new financial year so definitely then, if not before.
I went for a run at midday. This time I gave it a bit more structure and ran a kilometre then walked for half a k. Apart from where the start of the run is marked, at the other side of the lake, they miss the 0.5k marker, which means I ran one and a half at that point. I was about fifteen minutes faster than last time, partly down to going faster, partly down to if not raining and me not detouring to look at bits of the lake. I took the picture round the other side of the lake.
I had lunch, after showering when I got home, a toasted cheese and tomato sandwich. Then did some more computing and played my guitar for a little while.
I made tea, chips, slice and salad, then Deanne got home. Julie and Rick we’re going to their friends house tonight, so didn’t drop Josh off until about half six. So Deanne and I had a surprisingly adult meal with a minimum of shouting and people saying “I don’t like this”.
When he got home we all had a bit of a chat then they left and he went to bed. Nothing much happening tonight, tomorrow I might go shopping as it’s pay day for Deanne.


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One response to “Run Fatboy Run

  • Mum

    Hi Dan What a fantastic picture – Dad and I both love it – beautifully composed…. You must be super fit, all that running – it would be my excuse to eat more cake!!! Thought that today would be a wash-out at Druce – the weather forecast was awful – torrential rain, which of course never materialised. Gave everyone the day off. So – Dad and I went to Ferndown, had coffee (and cake) at Haskins, bought a couple of plants, then went to Sainsbury’s to do the shopping. Got home at midday in blazing sunshine…. rang Sue and she and I went up and had a lovely afternoon – very quiet and no interruptions!!! When I got home dad had sorted the tea – chicken korma which I made last night. I managed to put it in my mouth rather than throwing it down my arm (a la lemon chicken). The arm is healing nicely but still looks rather grotesque. Tonight its a bit of ironing, finish off a grant application and a bit of TV. Its Coast Australia, just makes us want to visit!! lots of love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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