Dear Mum,

We had a nice relaxing day today. The morning was spent playing with Play Dough, making cubby houses with blankets, the sofa and the glass table and putting on some washing, etc.

Bob arrived  at our’s at lunch time, I’d made some bread in the bread machine and we defrosted, mixed and warmed up a couple of soups we had in the freezer that we’d made a week or two ago. It was very nice.

After lunch I helped Bob sort out a couple of things on his laptop, which he’d brought over with him, first of all was having a quick look at his wireless, which was giving him gyp, then I showed him how to digitise his CDs, I did one for him and walked him through another, so he would remember. He was going to listen to the MP3s on a pen drive on the way home.

After Pops left we headed to the park with Joshy’s bike, our neighbour saw when we noticed the tyres were flat and lent us a pump. The tyres have obviously been that way for a bit because as we were going round the lake Josh was cycling almost faster than I could run after him. We’re going to have to pick Deanne’s bike up from Julie’s house so we don’t lose him.

I took the picture this afternoon while Joshua was playing with his net toy bag thing, putting his toys, and himself into it and then pouring himself out again.

We’re having lunch at Julie’s tomorrow, apart from that no real plans, may go to the zoo if we have a chance but depends on how long lunch takes us.



Josh In A Box

Josh In A Box


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One response to “Soup

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Loved Josh in a bag – what a boy!!!! Had another good day at Druce, 17 people out today and got lots of work done, helped by fine and sunny weather. Dad has gone over to the River Stour to have an hours fishing, I’m going to watch the Antiques Roadshow. Marc and Ben have just popped in – they were racing at Coldharbour. Marc fixed the sitting room light which Dad broke last night while attempting to replace a bulb. Some of these light designers should be shot!! The bulb is almost impossible to get out and then equally as impossible to put a new one in. Rich has just skyped – all is well in Maceio, Jasmine was throwing her little balls around – shades of Joshua!!! Was good to see you all this morning, hope you enjoy the Monday holiday love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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