Triassic Fun Park Party

Dear Mum,
It’s the first day of a long weekend today, and it’s a relatively busy one for us. Tomorrow we’ve got Bob coming over for lunch, on Monday we’re going to Julie’s for lunch. Josh would also like to visit the Zoo, if we can fit it in!
Today was Leo’s party. It was at the Triassic Fun Park, where Joshy had his birthday. Apparently, as soon as Josh’s party had finished Leo came out and said “I want my birthday party there!”
It was quite good because it was a slightly different bunch of kids to the ones Joshua normally hangs out with, some were even from the other class. Joshua really enjoyed it and played with all the boys there (no girls at this party, whether by accident or design I don’t know?!).
The boy had a nap in the afternoon, about two and a half hours, then we had tea.
I’ll try and Skype you tomorrow before you go, to check how your arm is.



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One response to “Triassic Fun Park Party

  • Mum

    Hi Dan You are a busy lot!!! Josh looked as though he was having a jolly good party tea!!! I have a horrible (very large) red patch on my arm from my elbow to my wrist from the scald. It doesn’t hurt though. The first aid treatment of cold water and burn salve appears to have helped. I put factor 50 on my arm today just to be on the safe side. I am working every day (weather permitting until Friday. This is our first set of weekend working, today went well with four new diggers – there were 15 of us on site, including one who metal-detected. The weather was excellent – greyish but warm, perfect in fact. Dad is mowing the grass at the minute, it grows very quickly in the current weather of damp and warm!! I keep looking for Snuggles – really looking forward to seeing him when he gets to Perth Lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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