Parents and Citizens

Dear Mum,

No picture today I’m afraid, it’s been a busy day and I kind of forgot what I was doing.

Bob came round this morning and mowed our grass for us, I raked the clippings (mainly twigs, from the trees out the front) up and put them in the bin.

He didn’t stay too long afterwards, just enough time to have a cup of tea and let his petrol mower cool down again, then I finished off raking and binning and got on with some application letter writing. Not finished the letter yet, but the job is open until the eighth of June.

I picked Josh up because Nana had something on this afternoon so we got home, read his new school library book, which is about a diplodocus who can’t sleep. Then he watched some TV while I cooked tea, a slightly tasteless curry. After Deanne had got home and we had eaten I got ready and went out to the P&C meeting at Joshy’s school and that was my evening. Finally looks like we might be getting somewhere with creating a website for the P&C committee, so I’ll let you know when that goes live so you can check it out.

Tomorrow is Joshy/Nana day so I’ll be working on jobs, plus hopefully hoovering as the house is really dusty!



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One response to “Parents and Citizens

  • Mum

    Hi Dan It was lovely talking to you and Joshy this morning – and thanks for talking me through installing the ‘Perth clock and temperature’. Dad has gone to Kimmeridge with a chap who has come up from Cornwall. He is staying overnight with us and going back tomorrow. I have to go to see the eye specialist at Dorchester Hospital tomorrow afternoon so I’ll do a little shopping there and pick something up for tea. Booked the flights to Brazil – we go on the 15th Dec returning a month later. We too will experience a ‘hot Xmas’ I am going to take a Xmas pudding and do Deanne’s Xmas ice cream. Talking of ice creamj, we used our Yonanas machine tonight and had banana, mango and strawberry ice cream – delicious!!! Freeze the fruit and feed it through – absolutely simple!! Its been grey and damp all day today, really miserable – I much prefer the sunshine!! love mum xxxxxxxxxxx

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