Run Forrest, Run!

Dear Mum,

Deanne took Joshua to kindy this morning so I spent a while looking at my emails and following up job adverts. Then, true to my word, I got my shorts, t-shirt and trainers on and went out the house to run (and maybe walk, a little bit) around the lake.

After about ten minutes it started raining, but the rain kind of came and went (as discussed previously) so I just kept going.  I had no idea when I started, but there were distance markers all the way around on the path and apparently the whole way round was 5.954 kilometres. That doesn’t sound like too much but it took me about an hour, with one short detour to look at the bird hide on the northern edge of the lake. I took the below picture near the path to the bird hide and thought it was interesting and different enough to stick up here.

When I got home I had a shower, got dressed and had lunch then watched last nights Top Gear, while I did some more work on my application letter for the job I mentioned yesterday.

I went to the Big W at Gateways shopping centre (not too far away), to pick up a photo we had printed of us at the beach for Joshua to take into kindy. We’re a bit late as a lot of the other kids have already taken their family photos in, but I think it’s just to stick on a board so the kids can show each other their parents.

I picked the boy up and handed the photo in, Joshua had got into trouble a few times today for various misdemeanours, I think part of it was tiredness but he also has a tendency to hug people…around the neck…quite firmly, we’ve been trying to stop him (for months!!) but he really likes hugging!

By a strange series of events I’m out in the evening the next three days, tomorrow is Joshua’s schools P&C meeting, Thursday I’m attending a writers group in the city, as Deanne told me I need to find some things to do other than sitting around in the house every day. On Friday I’m heading into town again to a small bar to an open mic’ night to meet a guy who’s interested in starting a band, he plays guitar and sings and writes songs and is also from the UK, a couple of years ago.

So I don’t know if I’m going to get around to writing the next few nights, but I’ll do my best.



An Interesting Sign About Snakes

An Interesting Sign About Snakes

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One response to “Run Forrest, Run!

  • Mum

    Hi Dan As usual, lots of news and interesting places in Perth. Deanne’s piece was excellent, loved reading it. We have just had a phone call to say that Snuggles is checked in for his flight – bon voyage….. I’m going to watch the Antiques road show then will do a spot of work love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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