Push Me Daddy

Dear Mum,

This morning Deanne went out to a craft fair in Perth so Joshua and I had some Daddy/Joshy time. We got dressed, played with his Play Dough, did some stickering, then we went to the park and Joshua cycled a circuit which took in a large portion of this side of Bibra Lake. He goes fast enough for me not to be able to keep up with him now, but when there is an incline he keeps asking for a push to get him going again. When he gets far enough away from me he stops, turns round and shouts “take a picture Daddy”. So I have about ten pictures of a tiny dot in the middle distance.

After lunch Deanne and Joshua made some bran flake cakes and then, because we’ve had such a busy week with a few late nights for Joshua we spent most of the afternoon letting him watch TV shows. However, due to the fact that the power block for our TV box has blown he had to watch them on the laptop rather than the TV. This meant I had to teach him how to navigate the ABC4Kids website, start the videos and make them fill the screen. He learnt worryingly quickly! He’ll be better than us in a year or twos time I suspect.

So tomorrow I’ll be heading to Subiaco, where the iiNet shop is, and swapping our power block for a new one. I also need to pop to the bank to pay some money in and probably do some other stuff I’ve forgotten about. It doesn’t seem like it should be Monday again already!

The picture is of the pile of Teddies Joshua left by the front door. When I asked him what they were for he said that he was going to take them to Nana’s house when it’s Joshy/Nana day this week.





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One response to “Push Me Daddy

  • Mum

    Morning Dan, Its funny how Josh ignored his teddies for nearly four years and now they are his good mates… Paul and Kim went to Poole yesterday to watch the new X-Men film (which they enjoyed). Dad and I went to Simon’s garden centre to pick up some bug killer – I get infestations of mealy bug in the conservatory and Dad’s primulas (which he has grown from seed) are prone to vine weevil. We are waiting for the ‘Snuggles’ collection, which could be anytime in the next hour. He has been a very good house guest (apart from the carpet/furniture scratching and the daily smell!!) Not sure what we are doing today, the weather is changeable so its probably not a good idea to walk into Wareham. Will mail when the cat is collected. love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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