Mandurah Or Bust

Dear Mum,
I had a pretty good day today. Searching for IT Consultancies and sending my CV off to some of them, also watching episodes of Mythbusters I’ve recorded on our tele-box. Which was nice!
Deanne got home a bit late as she’d tried to go to a hairdressers before coming home but hadn’t been able to find it, so we had to rush out to get to Mandurah for the meal (in honour of Kody’s birthday) at six. Which was quit difficult as there was torrential rain almost all the way there!
Joshy slept in the car on the way there but was then grumpy when we woke him up and spent most of the first quarter hour crying and whinging. After that he was fine and happily chatted to everyone who was there.
The picture is of what he chose to wear to go out tonight.
Gotta go to bed as we have a busy day tomorrow. I’ll tell you all about it afterwards.


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One response to “Mandurah Or Bust

  • Mum

    Hi Dan Pleased that you all enjoyed the birthday dinner – Mandurah sounds so exotic!! Rain stopped play at Druce today – it tipped it down until 1.30. I got on preparing a talk about Wareham and WW1 which I am giving in a few weeks – thank goodness for power point!! This afternoon dad and I popped into Dorchester as I had to pick up some drawing material for work. I had probably the worst cup of coffee (hot water with a sniff of coffee) and chocolate shortbread ever at Goulds – should have had a cup of tea and a teacake – they are usually fairly safe. Panic stations when we got home – we couldn’t find Snugs – took half an hour to locate him. He was fast asleep on the conservatory windowsill and hidden behind a chair. Well – its back to marking the Roman pottery lots of love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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