Redo From Start

Dear Mum,

In case you’re wondering the title is an old computing joke, kinda! …and what I’m actually talking about is the fact that today I reinvigorated my job hunting, by which I mean I logged on to all the different websites that are employment related and updated all my details, uploaded a new and improved copy of my CV and put in our new address, etc.

Josh went off to Nana’s this morning after we played with his Lego and his Play Dough. We made an enormous house, out of the mass of Lego he now owns and then after tidying that up I made a nest and he made Play Dough eggs to go in them. I still don’t know what kind of birds they were, although I think one may have been a cuckoo as there was one particularly large egg!

This evening Deanne cut my hair, which is good ’cause I looked a little like a vagrant, especially after forgetting to shave this morning. Tomorrow Joshy is at daycare so I’ll be continuing with my newly invigorated job hunting, tomorrow night we’re heading down to Mandurah as it’s Kody’s birthday and there’s a meal out, so I may not be able to write depending on what time we get home.

I didn’t take any pictures today but thought I’d include one of the cubby house we built after Matthew and Joshua’s visit at the weekend. (Our) Joshua slept in it for a couple of hours but then realised that it wasn’t very comfortable on the floor (I had put some sheets and blankets down for him).



Cubby House

Cubby House

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One response to “Redo From Start

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Loved the cubby house…despite the hard floor Josh looks very comfy

    As I write, Snugs is looking out of my office window (at the rain) – he really is very happy as a house cat!!

    We have just got in from an evening shop in Ferndown – met a young woman who opened the conversation by saying that I hadn’t changed a bit and by the way how was Daniel…

    Turned out it was Keeley Randall (now something else of course) who lives with husband and a 15 year old and 13 year old in Ferndown. She asked after you and Steve McNairn – so updated on the pair of you. Of course I didn’t recognise her, particularly the very black hair!!

    Nothing on the TV so I am going to mark some Roman pottery.

    Fingers crossed for the job search.

    lots of love

    mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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