Barn Dance

Dear Mum,

Not a great deal to report today, the day seemed to go very slowly but that didn’t help me fit any more in to it. Joshua went off to Nana’s house and I did a few bits and pieces around the house and contacted a few agents about a few roles.

After the boy was dropped off again we went to his school and met Deanne as there was a “bush dance” on, this is pretty much a barn dance, only everyone dresses like they live in the outback. We didn’t stay for a great deal of time as it was meant to start at 5:30 but didn’t get going until about an hour later.

Josh had a great time as a few of his kindy cohort were there, he spent most of the time chasing around the outside of the hall with Penny and Alice. He wasn’t that keen to go home but we had to drag him away as it was getting near to seven o’clock and we all needed our tea.

He watched Walking With Monsters while tea was cooking and then had a quick wash and went straight to bed as he was tired out.

Tomorrow is another day with Julie for him so I’ll be doing much the same.

The picture is from when we woke up this morning and Josh came in to our room.



Wake Up Call

Wake Up Call


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One response to “Barn Dance

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    You all have a very busy social life!!!

    Today at Druce I got presented with a pink bucket – to match my pink lunch box and kneeling mat! I’ll send on a pic.

    We had an excellent day, the mild warm weather helped. Tomorrow is a different story – its supposed to be gales, rain, thunder and lightning. Druce is off!! I will go in to Dorchester Museum to get some obscure references and then a bit of shopping.

    Paul and Kim are coming for the weekend so I need to do a bit of preparation. Marc is back from China but he and Linda are off to Switzerland for a few days – we have some Ben stuff – picking up from work in Ringwood.

    love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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