Poor Deanne

Dear Mum,
Deanne’s cold didn’t get any better so she took the day off work today. Poor thing!
I took Joshy to kindy and we played with some puzzles until it was time for me to leave.
At home I found and applied for a few jobs, nothing particularly exciting but jobs aren’t meant to be exciting, that’s why it’s called “work”!
Dee recovered enough to make the mushroom stroganoff she’s been wanting to do since the weekend, it tasted fantastic. Afterwards Joshua went old school and had some ice cream with Ice Magic chocolate sauce on it, as per the picture.
Tomorrow is Joshy/Nana day so more of the same for me.
Weather is still rubbish, we might actually have to buy a clothes dryer with the amount of rain we’re having. Glad it’s cheered up a bit over there for you.



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One response to “Poor Deanne

  • Mum

    Hello Dan, Loved the photo – the boy really loves ice cream and choccie sauce (so do grandma and grandad!)! We had (home-made) fishcakes and M&S salads for tea tonight, followed by coconut yogurt and fresh mango – yummy. Excitement at the dig today when the digger (machine) got stuck and had to be hauled out… I thought that you loved rain in Perth??? – its forecast for later this week. I have to go to a meeting in Wimborne tonight – Dad can watch as much green screen as he wants!! lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

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