The Big Clean Up

Dear Mum,
After dropping Joshua off at kindy I came home and looked round the house for a bit, trying to decide where to start the big clean up operation after yesterdays three boy playtime at our house. There were toys everywhere!
There were also blankets strewn around the various bedrooms, blankets which should have been in the sitting room over the back of the sofas for when Deanne gets cold.
There were also a number of dishes from the various cakes and biscuits which were made for the occasion.
After everything was back in its rightful place I hoovered up the dirt, sand and dust that the boys had inadvertently tracked in from the garden.
It didn’t actually take all that long and once I’d sorted the cleaning out I made some lunch and got on with some job hunting.
I made soup for tea. Deanne was going to do a mushroom stroganoff but she’s feeling a bit under the weather (a cold, I think), so I chucked a small percentage of the enormous pumpkin Bob bought over last week in a pot and boiled it until it was ready.
This evening Dee is sorting our money spreadsheet out and I’m watching Top Gear, as per the picture. I wouldn’t be but there really isn’t anything else on!

Yay, Top Gear

Yay, Top Gear

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