Dear Mum,

Julie came at about half nine and took Joshua and myself to the Tropical Twist play centre. Joshua had a great time running about, climbing, sliding and bouncing. ToF may be interested to hear that Josh got a ball and was dribbling it all the way round the place, with a skill level that obviously skipped a generation. His ball control really was something else! I don’t know, maybe all four year olds’ are imbued with that kind of soccer-ing talent, but I was certainly impressed!

When the boy found out I wouldn’t be spending the whole day with them and would be dropped off on the way back to Nana’s house he was a little upset, but Nana gave him a lolly and he seemed to cheer up pretty quickly after that.

At home I did a few tasks, like washing, ironing, making the wire on a mirror longer so we can hang it and see more than just the top of our heads. My day passed pretty quickly and before I knew it Joshua was home and I was making risotto for tea.

After the boy was bathed and in bed Deanne and I tidied up some cables and other things in the computer room. I did some ironing, then we settled down in front of the TV, which I discovered yesterday we could watch (a bit like BBC iPlayer) via a cable plugged in to the laptop. It’s a little jumpy when a lot of people are on line, but otherwise we managed to catch up on an episode of Death in Paradise that we missed due to not having a TV, we’re going to watch the next episode another night.

I have included a picture of Joshua’s bathroom, including Joshua, from while he was having a bath tonight. The shower is on the left and the fixtures and fittings appear to be relatively new. It’s very nice!



Our Bathroom...and Joshua

Our Bathroom…and Joshua

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One response to “Bathroom

  • Mum

    Hi Dan, Loved the pic of Josh in the bath, HIS BATHROOM you say!!! It looks like a real nice house. Dad may have a nasty tick bite (lyme disease) – he’s taking VERY strong antibiotics for two weeks and has to keep out of the sun. Just like the thing it is now tropical here with sun from 5am to 9pm!! He is currently out fishing with Steve who has come down from Bristol. I’m getting the hang of Hotmail (slowly – old dogs and new tricks you know!!). The villa is coming on nicely, good gang of people working there again – the over 60s grumpy club! I’m back in shorts again, the sun is shining and life is good!!
    love mum xxxxx

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