Dear Mum,

Have you tried clicking on the pictures I attach to these posts, it should take you to a higher resolution version, which you ought to be able to download. If you click once on the higher res’ one it should show full sized, which ought to be pretty big!

We didn’t get up as early as we wanted today, I think we were tired after yesterday. But after a few minutes of stretching and yawning we had breakfast then got in the car and drove to our new house. The day consisted of cleaning and unpacking stuff. I will take some photos but Deanne said I have to wait until we have it looking respectable so you’ll probably have to wait until we’re online in the new place before you get to see it.

We took a walk to the local shop, which we realised wasn’t all that local after a twenty minute walk there and then back again. We just wanted to grab a large bottle of Diet Coke and some Barbecue Shapes (crisps) to keep us going, however by the time we got back it was past 12 so we ate the crisps then had out Vegemite sandwiches, that I’d made before we left in the morning.

In the afternoon we took a break and headed to the local Bunnings Warehouse, which is the Aussie equivalent of B&Q. We bought some plugs, four way power adapters and a few other bits and pieces we need to get settled in properly. They had a café so we had a quick drink and shared a cookie, then Josh climbed and slid on the little play centre next to the café (inside the shop!!!) for a while before we shopped and paid.

At the end of the afternoon we were knackered, came home and had heated up pasta sauce (from a bottle) and spaghetti, because we were too tired to do anything else. While Deanne was making it (she offered) I attached an Australian plug to one of our English five way adapters, which means we don’t need to change all the plugs on the TV, video, etc. just the one on the power dongle. It was a bit of a fight, but I guess that’s what you get for buying the cheapest plugs! This means that when we get there in the morning we actually get to see if the TV/recorder will pick up the signal here.

Tomorrow we’re actually (probably) going to move in. We have packed a bunch of things into a couple of boxes, but will come back for the rest at some point soon. We’ll leave a few of Joshua’s things here for Joshy/Nana days.




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One response to “Boxes

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Double click on the photos – of course not – what do you think I am – computer literate!!!!

    Today was not a work day for me (although I am doing a talk in Blandford this evening). Our proposed visit to New Milton didn’t come off because it poured. We went to Haskins in Ferndown, had a coffee (three a day apparently staves off diabetes!!) and then a mooch around the garden centre. We bought some heathers to replace some that are old and past it (or dead!!), an incredible bright yellow rhododendron and an unusual (or so your dad says) fern. Got in 12.30, had lunch and now dad is planting them as the rain has stopped.

    I have a pile of ironing to do – I’d rather be out digging!!

    love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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