Orang Utans

Dear Mum,
We got up a bit late this morning, around eight, had breakfast then packed snacks and lunch and set out for the zoo.
The new orang utan enclosure is pretty cool, there is a walkway up in the air, so you are much closer to our relatives than you could previously get.
We also went around everything else. Josh still seems most infatuated with the cassowaries and the meerkats (especially the babies). It’s really good being able to get in whenever you like, we’ll miss it when we can’t do it anymore and might have to get some season tickets.
We came home at one-ish and tried to get Joshua down for a sleep, but it didn’t happen. In the end we all ended up playing, with a number of his birthday presents.
The picture is not from the zoo, as I forgot to take my phone. We have some pics on the camera but haven’t got them off yet. However what you do get is a picture of the boy covered in cushions on the sofa!
He also played a fame where he was “in bed”, covered in cushions on the floor. He got me to be his alarm clock, ticking then tocking, when the alarm (me again) went he jumped up, ran to one corner of the room for breakfast, then the other side of the room to brush his teeth. It was very funny to watch.
Deanne is back at work tomorrow so it’s Joshy/Daddy day. We have to take his library books back and go to the bank to pay some money in, which is nice.


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One response to “Orang Utans

  • Mum

    Dear Dan

    It looks as though the boy has inherited the ‘natural history’ genes!!!

    We picked Paul up from Trowbridge on Sunday and then took him back yesterday – passed the Center Parcs/Longleat sign on the way – what a lovely time we had there last year.

    Paul sorted out some of the glitches on my computer, nothing desperate, just annoying stuff like the wrong default printer (which I didn’t have) and re-setting the Hotmail account – why don’t you send the blog there and at least I will look every day. Of course I had forgotten the password which didn’t help so we created another one.

    Yesterday was quite hot and very sunny, today when I have to go to Druce its damp and drizzly but at least its not lashing down with rain

    lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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