Egg Hunt

Dear Mum,
Well it’s Easter and all three of us have eaten our own weight in chocolate. Since tea time I’ve had 8.6 extra units of insulin, and at one unit per 10 grams of carbohydrates, that’s a lot of chocolate (and I suspect I’ve underestimated, at that).
I was allowed a bit of a lay in this morning while Deanne played with Joshua, Julie and Rick have gone down to Albany for the week so it’s just us. I was, however, woken up because Josh was being naughty and somehow the vacuum cleaner fell to bits and I had to fix it. More tricky than it sounds with someone else’s Hoover.
In the afternoon we went to Bob’s house. I spent a good deal of time installing stuff and updating things on his laptop, Joshua and Deanne played in the garden and watched a bit of TV. But then Ronda and Stuart (Bobs brother) came round too and so we all chatted for a bit before it was time to come home.
When we got back Dee placed some chocolate-y things around the back garden, then Joshy did an Easter egg hunt. That’s what the picture is of.
Tomorrow we’re going to the zoo to check out the new orang utan enclosure.



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One response to “Egg Hunt

  • Mum

    Dear Dan

    Loved the photo of Josh hunting for eggs – particularly the basket!!!

    Dad bought me a dark choc egg which I shared with him – it was eggcellent!!

    We drove up to Trowbridge this morning to pick Paul up, and will take him back tomorrow afternoon. We’ve had the first rainy day for ages, almost forgotten what rain looks like.

    I have just finished a huge pile of ironing and am about to get the tea ready. I have cooked a large turkey fillet – (I know that its not Xmas!!) and it smells delicious.

    Tonight its a 2 hour TV session – Endeavour – the last in the present series – which by the way has been very, very good.

    lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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