Headless Chicken

Dear Mum,

Today I did a number of things, most of which, frankly, weren’t very exciting.

I still didn’t hear from the woman who interviewed me last week so I left a voicemail message on her phone as I tried calling three or four times and there was no response. I also dropped her an email later in the day, just to ask for feedback.

I went to the shops to try and find some chocolate coated ginger for Olive, for Easter, which was more difficult than I expected. The first place I visited had enormous boxes of the stuff for $15, but they would have lasted her about a year and a half, so I walked all the way through the shopping centre, until I found another health food place where you could buy it by the bag.

I tried looking fridges up on-line, however that isn’t that easy either, for one thing we don’t know how big the hole it’s meant to go in is, and for another there is such a huge range of them that picking any particular one without seeing it, in the flesh, so to speak, would be a bit like ordering clothes out of a catalogue, in that they would probably be too tight around the collar and flare out in all the wrong places…okay so maybe that analogy isn’t the best but you see what I mean.

This evening I popped to the shops a couple of times for various bits and pieces so Deanne could make a cake, for tomorrow. We’re going to Mandurah for Janice’s Easter party, however Deanne, Joshua and I are also going on a boat trip to see some dolphins, Julie bought us it as a present, so hopefully I’ll have pictures of some marine mammals for you after that. Rather than tonight’s picture which is of our new room-mate. We’ve named him Harry, partly because that is the name of the gecko from Death In Paradise, and partly ’cause of Joshua’s friend in England.



Harry The Gecko

Harry The Gecko

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One response to “Headless Chicken

  • Mum

    Hello Dan

    Lovely geckho (that’s not how its spelled!!) When we were in Malta years ago Ben took on a little pet – it was Gordon the ghecko (not right either!!)

    Hope you are successful in your fridge search… when do you move in?

    We put up the shed at Druce today – how many archaeologists did it take

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