Sold Our Souls

Dear Mum,
This morning I dropped Deanne off at work so she could get an early start, in order for us to be able to make the four o’clock appointment at the estate agents this afternoon.
After that I headed to the bank to get a large bankers cheque made out, which was for our deposit and first two weeks rent. I headed home and called the recruitment agencies to see if anything had come up yet, which it hadn’t.
I went to Garden City to ask Telstra about getting broadband and a phone line put in when we move in to the house, not as complicated as I expected!
After lunch I sorted out our ID, etc. to take with us, then popped to the post office to post my signed NDSS form, so I can get supplies for my pump.
Finally it was time to pick Deanne up and head to the estate agents. The appointment took about an hour, as the lady had to go through all the paperwork line by line, then get us to initial each bit to agree we had understood it. Eventually we signed on the dotted lines and so now I believe they own us, and probably the next ten generations sired from us!!!
We collect the keys next Thursday and hopefully our container full of stuff arrives the same day.
More of the same tomorrow, I suspect.


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One response to “Sold Our Souls

  • Mum


    You did have a busy day! It will be very exciting sorting out your stuff – Snuggles says that he is looking forward to his big trip but in the meantime is quite enjoying sitting in the sunshine at Grandmas!!

    Went into Dorchester this morning and borrowed some books from the museum and did a bit of shopping, came home the long way via Staples at Fleetsbridge as I have just about run out of paper.

    Have hung a huge amount of washing out, its drying very quickly as it is so warm and there is a bit of a breeze.

    Ah well, its back to the Worth ‘discussion’.

    lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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