Bingo, I Mean House, I Mean…Oh, Whatever!!!

Dear Mum,

A BIG day today! Joshua and I got dressed and headed out towards Deanne’s old school on his bike. He is so confident now, as you can see by the nonchalant way he’s not looking where he’s going, although still a bit lazy and asking me to push him more often than is strictly necessary. We got to the school and he rode around a bit, then parked his bike and played on the playground, pretending to be animals – giraffes, lions, tigers, monkeys, etc. We stopped for a snack and a drink and played a bit more, then he cycled home again.

After lunch we packed ourselves up and headed for the hospital at Fremantle for my diabetes appointment. I was a little worried Joshua would get bored and be naughty but he sat and ate a packet of biscuits while we were waiting, introduced himself beautifully to the nurse who weighed and measured me. Something he has only really picked up in the last couple of weeks, before that he mostly ignored people who spoke to him.

When we went in to see the doctor (I felt very old because she must have been ten or fifteen years younger than me and a consulting endocrinologist) I gave Joshua his Dinosaur Search And Find book and he sat quietly in the chair next to me, looking for and counting the animals.

My actual appointment was fine and my control seems to be pretty good, especially considering I’ve recently emigrated. HbA1c of 7.0 mmol/l and an unusually handy 5.9 when I did a blood test for the nurse. I have to go see them again in six months time, but that’s just standard procedure, and at least I now have all my NDSS stuff signed off so I can get cheap(er) insulin pump consumables.

After we got home I got a phone call from the estate agents, who said that we’ve got the house we put an application in for. I was extremely surprised and called Deanne immediately to tell her the good news. I don’t think either of us can really believe it but it appears to be true. We get the keys on the 24th, I’ll let you know the address in an email sometime soon. Now we just have to sort out getting our stuff delivered there at a similar time.

I picked Deanne up from work at five, as she had somehow ripped the knee on her trousers and didn’t want to have to come home on public transport. This evening she has been out at a cosmetics party, so I’ve been writing thank you notes for Joshua’s birthday party guests and looking up internet providers, etc. for the move.

Tomorrow is Joshua/Nana day so I’m going to get my job application emailed off and look up other house type things we might need.



Going To The Park

Going To The Park


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One response to “Bingo, I Mean House, I Mean…Oh, Whatever!!!

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Was great to see you and chat this morning.

    Lovely pic’ of Josh on his bike, he looks really cool in his sunnys.

    Pleased the hospital appointment went well, You must have been very proud of Josh, he was an exemplary companion!!

    Also fantastic news about the house, you are going to be busy over the next few weeks.

    We had a good day up at the villa – Janet uncovered another mosaic – will send some pics when more is uncovered. Dad has gone down to Kimmeridge, he has nearly (but not quite) caught a bass. It was the one that got away of course.

    I’m doing a bit of Worth writing tonight – the more I do, the less I have to do, if you know what I mean!!

    love to all

    mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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