Dear Mum,

It was the first day of Joshua’s school holidays today. He and I spent part of this morning playing with Buzz Lightyear, Daddy and Baby Woody (he’s still playing with the little one Linda gave him at Xmas) and, of course, some dinosaurs. They all had an adventure where they had to save each other from various situations and then shake hands and cuddle.

Joshua watched most of his new DVD and then we had some lunch. In the afternoon we went to grab some bread from the shop down the road and then went for a swim in the (cold) pool. Sadly Josh seems to have forgotten everything he knew about swimming so we’ll have to start again next summer.

We also built the Lego car he got for his birthday, then whizzed it up and down the hallway with one we made the other day.

Whenever there was five minutes spare I worked on my CV for a new job which has come up, another Change Manager but this time at the new hospital down the road.

After Deanne got home we went to look at another house, not too far from Julie’s this time. It was nice and we’re going to put an application in for it as I don’t think we’ll lose anything by putting lots of applications in. Apart from our time…and our sanity!

The festival yesterday was really good, Jake Bugg (from Nottingham) was not too bad and the Dave Matthews Band were excellent, they played all the songs I was hoping for and a bunch more and Deanne really enjoyed it, as they are her favourite band.

I have my endocrinologist appointment tomorrow, due to my failing to notice the school holidays are upon us I am having to take the young man with me, but I’m sure it’ll be okay.

The picture was taken at a playground near the house we looked at today.



Joshua on a slide

Joshua on a slide


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One response to “Holiday

  • Mum

    Hello Dan

    Lovely pic of Josh on the slide – it looked like snow he was sliding into!!

    Pleased that the Buzz is fitting the bill. You must have enough toys to stock a toy shop.

    Jobs and houses hmmmm….I suspect that they are going to be like buses – none for ages and then a great bunch all at once!! Next year this time…………………

    Today was the first proper day back at Druce – not too exhausting as all I did was follow the excavator but I think in doing that I probably walked miles!!!

    Hope your hospital appointment went well

    lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxx


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