Afternoon Tea

Dear Mum,
A more positive day today!
We went out this morning to look at the house we’ve applied to rent in Bibra Lake. I’ve seen it already but Deanne wanted to check it out. She liked it as much as I did. As we were leaving and we’d had a chat to the agent doing the viewing she came to catch us just as we were about to go out the front door and asked our names, then said that she’d talk to the client and let them know we would be really good tenants. So that’s quite good. Of course doesn’t necessarily mean we’ll get it, but has to help.
We then went to Garden City so Joshua could spend his vouchers at the ABC Shop. He had a good look around and was torn between a bunch of things, but eventually settled on a boxed set of Octonauts toys for $25 and a DVD about dinosaurs for $15. Then we stopped for a drink and a bird to eat at a little cafe before coming home for lunch, after which he had a nap.
Dee and I went to look at another house, in Leeming, and when we got back it was time for the guests to arrive. Julie has known Thelma and Sam for years, and therefore Deanne and Monique have known each other for ever. Joe is Monique’s husband and they have a baby called Xavier (they’ll have to excuse my spelling!).
I didn’t get to talk to Monique about archaeology, but we all had a good chat and I got a hold of the young ‘un, so that was nice.
After they went we did the washing up, watched the latest Pooh Bear DVD Josh has taken out of the library, then got him ready for bed.
This evening we watched Death In Paradise, very good, and are now in bed.
Big day tomorrow as Deanne and I are going to the Blues and Roots festival to watch the Dave Matthew’s Band, along with Jake Bug, who’s from Nottingham.
This means I might not get to write as we’ll be home late.



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One response to “Afternoon Tea

  • Mum

    Dear Dan

    Loved the photo – I have put it into my ‘to print’ file. Josh and Deanne look so relaxed and happy.

    I have everything crossed re. your house rental, you will really feel as though you have settled when you have your own things around. Next thing is to find a job – I woke up at 5am this morning worrying about it!!! Distance means nothing where worrying is concerned!!! I’m sure that something will turn up soon – probably when you are least expecting it.

    I’ve just this minute had a Skype from Marc – he is in Saudi Arabia but is back home tomorrow. They had their wedding anniversary this week – 19 years. Dad and I celebrate 50 years this June!!

    lots of love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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