All Quiet On The Western Front

Dear Mum,
Both my job application and the house rental we’ve applied for should have got back to us today. Neither has done so! Of course people say that no news is good news but that doesn’t make us feel any better.
Of course, as you always say, this find next year we’ll look back and think it wasn’t a problem. But just tonight Deanne and I are feeling a bit down.
However tomorrow is another day, we’re going to see another couple of houses and heading to Garden City with Joshua, so he can look in the ABC store and decide what to spend his $40 voucher on, that he got from Aunty Helen.
We also have some of Julie’s friends and their kids (and grandkid) coming over in the afternoon so it’ll be nice to talk to some people our own age.
Just out of interest Monique, the one our age, is an archaeologist. So at least we’ll have something to talk about.
Attached is a picture of the egg that Bob bought for Josh. It’s been in water since the party and had started to crack when we got home tonight. Intrigued to see how it develops.



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One response to “All Quiet On The Western Front

  • Mum

    H Dan

    Sometimes I wonder about ‘not replying’ – We (the archaeology group) put in a request for funding our C14 dates well over a month ago – no response at all, not even an email to say no or they are considering it – its the not knowing….

    Hope that you find out about the job and house ASAP.

    Was at Druce today – no hard work, just planned out on the ground where the trenches have to go.

    The egg looks fearsome!!!

    love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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