Hipy Papy Bthuthdy

Dear Mum,
Joshua woke up to go to the toilet at about six, but after I turned the tap on to wash his hands (it’s too stiff for him) he went back to bed and we all got up at about seven.
After having breakfast we got down to the important business of opening his presents. He started off slowly, then got a bit more excited after each present. I couldn’t believe how generous all his classmates had been at the weekend, and of course all the ones from Mummy and Daddy, Nana and Poppy Richard and of course Grandma and Grandad. The thing he was most excited about was a fish bowl with a little toy fish that swims round in a random manner. He spent a good hour or two over the course of the day playing with them. But as always he’ll play with all of them once he’s calmed down a bit.
We went to Freo to test drive a little car we’re going to buy, we picked Big Nana up on the way back and then it was party time. The family turned up in drubs and drabs until everyone was here. Of course this meAnt Joshy got even more presents and cards and so will be starting his own toy shop soon.
While I was making drinks for everyone Josh came in and said he was tired and that he wanted me to run his bath, however it turned out that this was just so he could play with his fish while he was bathing. I ran his bath and he played, then Deanne read his new Harry and the Dinosaurs book and he went to sleep.
I’ve included the only picture I took on my phone which is of him playing with a magnetic fishing rod. Shortly afterwards he said that when Grandma and Grandad visit it means he can go fishing with Grandad.
Tough day!



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2 responses to “Hipy Papy Bthuthdy

  • Mum

    HI Dan

    It was lovely to talk to Joshie on his birthday – did you hear us join the family in the singing?

    Grandad is looking forward to taking Josh fishing when we visit.

    I have never seen so many presents!!! By the way is all your stuff still in the container?

    A lovely day here, for a change quite warm, no coat needed!!

    I am working hard on the Worth report. Marine molluscs finished – land snails nearly done – and then it is back to the pottery!!

    lots of love

    mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


    • Dan Ladle

      Yep, we heard your (slightly delayed) happy birthday singing, it was nice to have a full family sing song 🙂
      Yes, or stuff is still in a container. It won’t be coming out until we get ourselves somewhere to live, which hopefully won’t be too much longer now.
      Thanks for the Skypeing, I hope it made you feel a bit more involved.

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