Kindy’s Little Helper

Dear Mum,

It did feel a bit weird going to school without Joshua this morning, but once I got there and got started on the sticking and cutting it was fine.

I taped together some bits of card the kids had put their hand prints on, including Joshua’s, to make folders, I assume to put art into. Then I supervised some of them drawing bees on some Easter pictures, I had to try and make sure they put on all the right anatomy, six legs, two antennae, two wings, a stinger, stripes. Which I did with varying degrees of success! After I’d finished making the folders they gave me my dispensation and I came home.

I hung out some washing in the afternoon then headed to the shops to get Joshua a card for his birthday. When we went there last week each shop must have had about five different cards with dinosaurs on them, however because I kept forgetting to go get a card – and it’s getting a bit close to Easter – I had to scour all the shops and eventually found one at Target.

Tomorrow is the big day. Our little boy will be four. Deanne has the day off work, I think we’ll be doing a bit of shopping in the morning to prepare for the party in the afternoon. I’ve attached a picture of the stack of presents he has to open in the morning (yours is at the back right hand side!). However I suspect he’ll also be getting a few more when the relations turn up in the afternoon.

I will appraise you of the young ‘uns level of excitement and happiness tomorrow night.



Stack of Presents

Stack of Presents


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One response to “Kindy’s Little Helper

  • Mum

    Hello Dan

    Isn’t it exhausting going to school!!!

    What a huge pile of presents – I’m sure Josh is going to be VERY excited. Remember Xmas and the Brachiosaurus!!!

    I’ve nearly finished the marine shell report thank goodness – it does however make a change to writing pottery reports. I’m off for a bit of a relax – ‘Flog it’ on the TV, then tea and then out to an archaeology meeting. Dad might or might not come depending on whether there is a decent footie match on!!

    much love mum xxxxxxxxxxx


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