Another Interview

Dear Mum,

When I dropped Joshua off at school today lots of his classmates told him what a lot of fun they had at his party yesterday. Admittedly they were prompted by their Mums but I think Joshy liked the attention.

I got home, got changed and headed for my interview. The place is relatively easy to get to, being about five or ten minutes drive north of Perth city centre. I arrived early (as you should) and put my tie and jacket on and did a blood test while I was waiting.

The company is an internet provider for businesses, they seem to be doing pretty well for themselves and have branched out into providing other services, most of which are things I’ve been involved in before at Trent.

The interview itself seemed to go pretty well, they asked me to tell them about my history so I started where I joined the University and went from there. I seemed to do a lot of the talking for the half hour or so the whole thing took. Deanne was surprised at how short the interview seemed, but when I told her later all the things I had talked about she was surprised how much I’d managed to fit in. I’ve definitely realised I’m much better suited to Change than Security stuff, which is a bit of a shame as I did enjoy the last couple of years, but I think processes is what I’m good at and what I need to focus on.

The questions seemed fairly limited, I suspect this is just my impression after being in public sector for so long, but I am quite pleased with how I responded to them. One of them was about where I see myself headed, and I talked about wanting to get more into strategy and management, then a few minutes later, while the bloke was talking about the company, he said that the role is likely to develop more towards policy, strategy and management. So that seems good 🙂

After I got home I had some lunch and did some paperwork and computing stuff, then went to get Joshua. The two of us popped to the shops to buy some tissues and bread. Then after dropping our stuff off at Nana’s we went down the road and bought an ice cream each. I figured I deserved it after my day.

We came home and unpacked the one toy we let him unwrap, when we got back from his party yesterday. It was the one from the twins and it was the biggest present there. It turned out to be a garage and road play-mat thing, as per the picture below where he’s showing you one of the cars. He’s very happy with it and we played with it until it was time to pack up for tea. We’re keeping the rest ’till Thursday.

Tomorrow Josh is at kindy and I’m going to be doing a few chores.



New Toy

New Toy


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One response to “Another Interview

  • Mum

    Dear Dan

    You sounded as though you were on the ball at the interview – hope you have a good outcome!!

    Josh looks pleased with his new toy – he will have a beano on Thursday!!

    We’ve had a busy morning – into Wareham for a bit of shopping (and a coffee at Lucy’s), then off to see Ann R. about this summer’s excavations. She is going to buy us a small shed for up on site, it will make storing stuff up there a whole lot easier. As a result of that conversation dad and I then trooped off to the Wyevale garden centre to look at sheds, or rather look at the one shed that they stock! It was just what we need however and at half price plus £20 delivery it seems like a good buy. I am going to visit B&Q to see what they have.

    Some time in the next week the builder is coming to fix the leak on the conservatory roof and to replace the shed roof which was torn to shreds earlier this winter. At this moment, dad is in the shed potting up plants which will go in the garden once the risk of frost is over.

    lots of love

    Mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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