Party Time

Dear Mum,
We went and looked at another house this morning, it cost a bit more than the others we’ve looked at but is (a lot) closer to Joshua’s school, etc.
Obviously this afternoon was Josh’s party. He wouldn’t have a nap before we went at three but seemed okay anyway.
There were 13 other kids at the party and they all brought (and bought) him presents ranging from book sized ones to one which was about the size of a pillow, only box shaped and solid…not sure if that makes any sense? Anyway, they were all very generous, but we don’t know what anything is because we’re saving them for his birthday to open.
The two hours seemed to flash by, they all climbed and slid and ran for an hour, then had their nuggets or hot dogs, then played, then had their cakes. A couple of the parents left their kids, but I guess that’s the age they’re at now, so we need to get used to it. Only real issue was I forgot who was missing when it was time to eat, but I managed to find one of the missing two easily and the other one turned up pretty quickly accompanied by another adult.
Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves and hopefully it’s made Joshua just a bit more popular with his classmates, not that he needs to be but it’s always useful to be the popular kid for a bit 🙂
Tomorrow is my big day, so wish me luck (again) and I’ll write tomorrow night to let you know how it goes.




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One response to “Party Time

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Good to speak to you this am.

    The party looked very exciting – do you have any photos you can mail me? (good ones for printing)

    Best of luck for the interview – I guess that we will be asleep when you are doing it!!

    Another drizzly day today – I have catalogued all the molluscs from Worth (with dad’s help) = there were a lot, but my identification skills are now finely honed!! Now to do the report!!

    love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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