Cakes And A Satay

Dear Mum,

No, I really haven’t lost any weight! I just didn’t have any belts so I had to get one for a few pairs of my trousers.

Deanne helped out at the WA election cake stall at Joshua’s school this morning so Joshua and I went to the park and played for an hour or two. He made me take a picture of himself on the swing.

When Deanne got home we went out and looked at a house, which was pretty nice, we’re widening our search a bit from Leeming as time’s a marching on and there haven’t really been any decent houses there since our container made it to Australia. After the viewing we went and picked up the cakes for Joshua’s birthday party tomorrow. They’re rather good little fairy cakes with creamy icing and we have edible stickers of Buddy and Tiny from Dinosaur Train which we’ll stick on before we go.

In the afternoon we went along to the local school so Deanne could vote herself, she would have done it this morning but the queue at Josh’s school was half an hour long! After that e went to another area to see another house. Joshua rode his bike to the school when Dee went to vote, he’d also ridden it to the park in the morning which is why, when we got home he spent most of the rest of the day in front of the TV watching a film and then some kids shows until tea time.

I made a satay for our dinner, as Julie and Rick were going out tonight. The last one I made wasn’t well received by the young man, so tonight instead of telling him what it was Deanne told him it was a curry, and he lapped it up. The sauce was just peanut butter, soy sauce and water, not too bad but I used a little too much soy so it was a bit salty.

This evening Dee and I watched the second episode of the latest series of Death In Paradise. I don’t know if you watched them when they were on over there but we’re quite enjoying them, even with the departure of Ben Miller, which I thought was done pretty well. If you missed them you should see if they’re still on iPlayer.

Tomorrow is party day so I suspect Josh will be a bit on the excited side. Us too, to tell the truth, as it’s a good chance for us to chat to some of the other Mums and Dads from his class. 14 have RSVP’d so I suspect it’ll all be a bit of a blur.






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One response to “Cakes And A Satay

  • Mum

    Hello Dan

    Loved the pic of Josh on the slide and am looking forward to some party pics.

    I love chicken satay but rarely eat it as dad is not too keen on the peanut element. You know me, I love anything with nuts in.

    My short presentation to celebrate 40 years of Wareham’s museum went off very well this morning. I saw lots of folk I hadn’t seen for years. There had been a children’s competition to devise a logo for the museum so the winning entrants and their families were there, all local of course. The mums and dads were kids I used to know at Wareham Middle School – they all remembered me, but a 30 or 40 year old bloke usually had changed out of all recognition!! The women seem to be more recognisable (if you know what I mean!!).

    Its another chilly, damp day, I’m going to warm up by doing some ironing!!

    lots of love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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