Dear Mum,
Had a bout of insomnia last night and didn’t get to sleep ’till 3. So may not be very coherent tonight!
In a nutshell I viewed 2 houses today, one with Deanne after work. I also drove to where my interview is on Monday. Did a few bits of computer-y stuff at home.
In case you were wondering the title of this message refers to an incident that happened at Joshua’s bed time. He and Deanne had gone into the bathroom together, Dee put her hands on his shoulders and it tickled him so he moved his head forward quickly. Sadly he was standing near the basin and whipped forward straight into the hard edge and chipped his right incisor.
He cried but calmed down pretty quickly, and thankfully it’s just a milk tooth so no permanent damage!
Anyway this weekend is the local elections so Deanne is helping out at Joshy’s school with the sausage sizzle and cake stall, to try and make some money for the school which is a voting station. We’re also collecting the cakes for Josh’s party on Sunday.



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One response to “Cracked

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Hope Josh has recovered from the chipped tooth – Dad and I both have front tooth chips – welcome to the club!!!

    Have you lost weight down under? You need to eat a bit more!!!!

    Dad and I went into Poole this am – specifically to get me some new waterproof trousers – my old ones leak. Got a half price bargain and then left the dratted things at M&S (café). Luckily some kind person handed them in so I have to go back on Monday to pick them up.

    We have had very strange weather here – wind-blown Sahara sand and pollution from the continent – visibility yesterday was awful. We’ve got off lightly, some parts of the country have been very badly affected.

    Dad is just about to go carp fishing. I am going to prepare a Powerpoint talk for a symposium at the end of the month.

    Love mum xxx


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