Night Care

Dear Mum,
Before Julie got up to look after Joshy he and I played down in the lounge with his car/plane ramp. He decided to make a piece of modern art, as attached. It’s called Night Care, although he did tell me later in the day that was just the name of the bit the vehicles hide in!
Deanne had the car but I had booked in for my flu jab, so I walked to the medical centre. Luckily as well as her phone Donna had left the original, unopened headphones in the box she gave me, so I listened to music for the half hour it took me to walk there.
I got the vaccination, dropped a letter off at Joshua’s school, then walked back via the shops so I could buy a belt.
I could have sworn I bought one with me but no matter how many times I look I can’t find it, so I got a new one as my interview trousers are too loose for me and I don’t want them to fall down mid-interview.
This afternoon it was more ironing and some washing.
Tomorrow Josh is at daycare and I’m doing a reccy to the place I’m going on Monday.



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