All Change

Dear Mum,

An interesting day today!

Julie dropped Joshua off and picked him up as it’s “Julie Wednesday”, whether he’s at home or at Kindy…and he was at kindy this Wednesday. So I was at home doing things today. I had quite a productive day and managed to do a good deal of the things I had planned.

I started off by sorting out a flu jab for myself, thankfully something I don’t have to pay for 🙂 I also wrote to Diabetes WA to see if they could recommend any insurance companies who might give me preferential rates as a Diabetic, I got a response from one of their people, who gave me another person to contact, so I did.

Then I headed out. Deanne bought a bag a couple of months back and the outer layer of it broke after she’d only used it a couple of times, so I took it back for her. However on the way to the shops I got a phone call (our car does hands free so I was okay to take it), it was the woman who i sent my CV to yesterday, she asked if it was okay to talk and I told her I was driving but as long as I didn’t need to write anything down.

We talked for about five or ten minutes about what I did at Trent, the job is a change one so I had plenty to talk about! She seemed fairly happy with what she heard and I’ve got an interview on Monday, so fingers crossed (again). I do have a suspicion I’m better at the change stuff than I was at security…or at least I’m better at talking about it!

I gave Deanne a call then actually went in to the shops. I tell you what, the UK could learn a thing or two about customer service. The lady in the shop looked at the bag, said it was terrible, then refunded the money onto my card, even though it had been bought on Deanne’s! I filled the car up with petrol, half a tank for about $44, then came home, had lunch and did a few bits and pieces around the house, including starting on the ironing, which I’ll finish tomorrow.

Talking of which I’m going to the doctors tomorrow for the aforesaid flu vaccination, Josh is with Nana and I’m checking I remember how change works. No pictures today I’m afraid.




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One response to “All Change

  • Mum

    Hi Dan

    Fingers crossed for the job interview – keep smiling!!!!

    I’m slowly getting back into the swing of things – Sue, Andrew and I are up at Druce tomorrow to sort out new trenches. I have to book a digger for next week and arrange with farmer Bernard to move some soil heaps for us.

    Dad is also out tomorrow treating the Blandford fly – we will both sleep like logs.

    I will send a couple of Antigua pics to your other email

    Enjoy your ironing – I’ve a pile here to do too!!!

    love mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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