Happy Mother’s Day

Dear Mum,
I thought I better wish you a happy Mother’s Day as I failed to send you a card, what with being quite badly organised at the moment!
Neither Deanne or I slept very well last night, I got up at about one and woke her up in the process, I did a blood test and was 4.1 so I had some food and insulin then went back to bed. However I couldn’t get back to sleep. I don’t know how long I was awake for but Dee said she didn’t get back to sleep until half four.
So we had a late start this morning, I played with Joshua after feeding him breakfast at near to nine o’clock. Wd played with his planes and then built some stuff out of Lego.
This afternoon we went to the zoo and looked at some of the animals, as per the pictures below. It was good but we were all a bit tired by the time we got home.
Not sure what’s on tomorrow, some ironing and other bits and pieces.




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One response to “Happy Mother’s Day

  • Mum

    Hi Dan , Deanne and Josh

    Got back yesterday and have only got to my emails this afternoon (it’s taken half and hour to delete the spams!!)I have copied all your posts into a file and have really enjoyed catching up after our two weeks away. Really loved the photos.

    However – the washing is done and we picked our new car up from Dorchester this morning – same as the other one – even red, but air con was thrown in to the deal. Hope we have a nice summer to use it!!

    Antigua was beautiful but didn’t get to see much of it unfortunately as Steve and Lyn just like to sit about – did a mountain of reading though!!! Will give you the low down when we next Skype………!!!!!!

    Pity about the job – it sounded just up your street. I did something similar at a presentation in Ireland – should have knocked their socks off – but I didn’t. I knew I’d messed it up at the time.

    Thanks for the mother’s day message – appreciated!! Had a phone call from Marc, Lovely card from Rachel (which nearly made me cry) and a phone call and a card, plant and visit from Jane and Steve. Amazingly got a card from Paul, I nearly fell over!!!! Gave him a ring and we hope to meet up in the next week or two.

    Ah well I have rather a lot of mails to answer (you were the priority!!) so hope that I can get through them before tea (chicken masala).

    Oh, almost forgot – I put two cheques in the bank for you this morning.

    lots of love, mum xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx


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