The Girl With No Name

Dear Mum,
Before I took Joshua to daycare today we took the attached photo of him with his dilophosaurus, so we could send it to Deanne at work.
I dropped him off and came back to a couple of loads of wishing and then some job hunting. A relatively productive day, applied for one and did some decent investigations into some other bits and pieces.
I picked the boy up at half three and he told me that he’d been playing with the same girl he played with last week, but he couldn’t remember her name. However after we’d picked Deanne up at five thirty he suggested it might have been Book…or possibly Brooke, my money is on the latter. Anyhow he seems to have finally made a friend there, so hopefully next week he’ll be a little happier about going there.
Tomorrow is, of course, our anniversary! So Deanne and I are going out for lunch at a (hopefully) nice place out in the hills towards Bob’s house. We’re quite looking forward to it, and hopefully Joshua is looking forward to lunch with Nana and Poppy Richard!


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