Thursday Already

Dear Mum,
I don’t know where this week has gone? Tomorrow is Friday and it feels like the last four days have hardly begun.
Today I called three of the recruiters who I’ve decided are going to be the ones I use, I think if I chose any more than that it would get confusing and I’d end up calling the wrong ones and hassling them when I wasn’t meant to.
So, anyway I’ve settled on these three agencies and am going to give them a call every week or two, to see if anything useful has come up yet.
I went through some folders on the computer this afternoon to clear out some old stuff I should have tidied up ages ago but hadn’t. I also went to photocopy our wedding certificate and get it certified, as it means we can get some money from Deanne’s old superannuation fund, which is handy.
Apart from that it was a bit of an uneventful day. Josh is at day-care tomorrow so I’m going to do a little bit of shopping and spend some time searching for jobs.

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