The Long Walk

Dear Mum,

Because Julie was looking after Joshua today I decided I’d take a trip into the city, however I did a few other bits and bobs in the morning and waited until after I’d had my lunch to go so I didn’t have to fork out $20.00 for a limp sarnie from some disreputable eating establishment.

I got to the city some time around one and started walking (thankfully it wasn’t too hot a day or I’d have given myself sunstroke!). I walked, and walked, and walked…etc. etc. etc. I went up and down the three main shopping streets, which are each on the long side, then I traversed them via shopping arcades and side streets until I had been most of the way around the central shopping bits.

Then I went to the top end, St George’s Terrace I think it’s called, then I headed back to the other end and went towards the museums, then round Northbridge and China Town. Then back to the centre, stopping briefly at a newsagents which sold Vanilla Diet Coke, which I haven’t been able to get in about ten years. Hooray for the only place left on the planet that still stocks it!

Then I came home, where Joshua and Nana had been having a really productive day, needless to say the picture below is of Joshua’s improvising. It’s called simply “Zoo”.

Tomorrow is another Joshy/Nana day so I’ll probably do a bit of calling around of the recruitment people to see if anyone has found anything for me to do yet.





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